Since we both knew that we wanted children and we both were over 30 we decided to start trying for kids immediately. Marjolein had reason to believe that it wouldn’t be easy for her to get pregnant [DES daughter & tube infection], so we were optimistic but expected to need some help somewhere along the way.

We had a year of trying (very structured, timing and temperature taking) before we went to the doctors. They did a lot of tests and told us that there was nothing wrong (that they could see!). After that we had to wait and try a few more years. Finally they decided they would try treatments. We had three unsuccesful artificial insemination and finally an In Vitro (test-tube) fertilisation. That worked first time and now we have Matthijs. He is a test-tube baby and quite wonderful.

All of that medical stuff was very very hard on us both, but particularly on Marjolein. Having people examining your sex-life (and your body) through a microscope and telling you when to make love, is no picnic. Making babies is the most natural, obvious thing in the world, unless it does not work and nobody can tell you why.

A lot of this homepage is about Matthijs and how he came to be. That is because it was a big problem we solved together. It is wonderful that medicine made Matthijs possible, but both of us took a hell of a beating along the way. If were not such a strong and loving marriage it might have driven us apart.

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