Jimmy the flatcoated retriever


Jimmy [our flatbrained Retriever] is a very kind whimp. Even a mouse can scare him, there really isn´t a bit of agression in him which is comforting if you have little children.

Everybody can take anything from between his jaws without him objecting to it. But he is jealous when “his” people cuddle and wants to join in.


The baby scared him too at first; evey wave with a little arm made him leep 4 meters backwards. But he got used to it in the end (and the second baby was just fun).

Jimmy really likes laying close to the baby, framing him with his paw and licking him thoroughly. Taking good care of their skins is important too for the dog, unfortunately combing their hairs with his teeth means making holes in their cloths. But he is always very carefull around Matthijs.


Unfortunately Jimmy got cancer this year. After many happy years with our faithfull friend we had to put him to sleep on August 25th.

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